Download our latest warranty and care information here.

Download our latest warranty and care information here. Dream Weaver Carpet has some of the best warranties in the industry, including:

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Warranty Brochure
- Exclusions
- Vacuum Recommendations

  • Lifetime Stain Warranty
  • Lifetime Pet Stain Warranty
  • Lifetime Fade Warranty
  • 25-Year Soil Resistance Warranty
  • 10-25-Year Texture Retention Warranty
  • 25-Year Abrasive Wear Warranty
  • 25-Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty

Carpet care checklist

  • Only install your Dream Weaver carpet in appropriate areas of your home.
  • Dream Weaver recommends a pad with a minimum thickness of 7/16 inch for optimum performance.
  • Use a professional carpet installer for best results.
  • Use a quality carpet pad at the correct thickness.
  • Always have clean walk-off mats at all entrances to capture outside soil before it’s tracked in.
  • Vacuum regularly with a Seal of Approval vacuum cleaner.
  • Have your carpet professionally cleaned using deep cleaning extraction every 12-18 months by a Seal of Approval professional.
  • Always attend to accidents and spills immediately by blotting the spill with a damp, white absorbant towel.
  • Have professionals remove stains caused by markers. • Only use Seal of Approval spot cleaners.
  • See “Spot Cleaning Guide” in the Warranty and Care Guide for more tips or visit

cleaning cleaning cleaning

Proper maintenance of your Dream Weaver carpet means regular vacuuming using a Carpet and Rug Institute–Seal of Approval vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming actually prolongs the life of your carpet by removing abrasive soil particles in the carpet fibers.

All Dream Weaver carpets must be professionally cleaned using a Carpet and Rug Institute–Seal of Approval deep cleaning extraction system every 18 months to be in compliance with our warranties.This system effectively removes soils, residues and water from the carpet and prolongs its life.


All spills must be attended to immediately. Remove any solids and blot (not scrub) with a damp white, absorbant towel. For more information on spills and stains, see the spot cleaning guide in this brochure or visit

Dream Weaver Warranty Exclusions

These warranties specifically exclude any carpet that has been treated after installation with any foreign agents, non-residential installations, abnormal abuse and carpet exposed to hot substances or other abusive conditions that deteriorate the appearance of the pile fibers. Specifically excluded from this warranty is crushing caused by furniture and damage caused by tears, pulls, burns, wheel traffic or athletic equipment. Also excluded is carpet installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, stairs, carpets in commercial facilities, outdoor areas and in other than owner occupied residences. These warranties are not transferrable. This warranty is voided if you fail to follow recommended carpet care and routine maintenance of the product.